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2017 Spring Clean!

I don’t know about you but, with Spring now well and truly upon us, I am preparing to have a good old Spring clean!

Below I talk about two great cleanses to make you feel fresh and ready!

Spring clean…your wardrobe

Fed up of rustling through you wardrobe to find nothing but bulky winter knits and dark colours? I know I certainly am, so I’m preparing my wardrobe for a big old spring clean! Here are some tips and tricks to help you give your wardrobe the long overdue detox it needs!

Start by thinking about which items you want to keep, the ones you couldn’t possibly live without and the ones that come to mind without even opening your wardrobe. Think about which items you will wear over and over and can bring out again next season. These are your keepers, providing you answer ‘Yes’ to all the following:-

· Do you feel great when you wear it?

· Do you wear it on a regular basis? More than 5 times in the last year?

· This is the most important question to ask yourself…does it still fit? We all have that one item in our wardrobe that ‘one day’ we will fit in to. I suggest shipping this off to a charity shop! Coming face to face with the jeans you used to fit in to every morning can’t be good for the mind! Treat yourself to something new, that fits you perfectly and makes you smile every morning when you open those wardrobe doors.

OK, that’s the easy part… next you need to sort through the ‘straight to the bin’ pieces,the ‘one season hits’ and the ones you were never quite sure of! (don’t worry, we all have them!).

The ‘one season hits’ and ‘not quite sure’ are the tricky ones! You might love to look at them in your wardrobe but lets be honest, these items need to packed up and shipped off to a charity shop! Not only will you have lots more space in your wardrobe for new exciting season pieces, but you will feel great for your donation! Be ruthless….that tee that has seen 4 years, 2 house moves, 3 children and a dog might need to go in the ‘Bin’ pile!

You have now given your wardrobe the detox it needs and now for the fun bit….re- stocking your wardrobe with a couple new season staples, essential basics and core classic!
Well done!



Spring clean…yourself

We all need a little reset button for the New years resolutions we committed to in January. Almost everyone promises to eat clean/drink more water and feel great for it! Fitting your day around work, 3 kids, a hungry husband and the dog walk can be tricky so i have set out three of my favourite meals to help you get back on track! Quick, easy and clean!

Try and start the day by sitting and relaxing with some warm lemon water.This can help flush the digestive system, rehydrate the body and prepare you for the busy day ahead!


Breakfast -Smoothie bowl (serves 1)

If you have a good blender there’s no reason not to give them a go at home. They are super quick and easy for your rushed mornings and the whole family will love them!

Add to the blender a small handful of frozen mixed berries, half a frozen banana (Tip: chop before you freeze them), a handful of baby spinach, half a ripe avocado, a medjool date, a heaped teaspoon of acai berry powder and enough milk of your choice (I use coconut milk). All the above can be varied to whats available in your fridge! Blitz, pop in to your favourite bowl and top with your pick of the following toppings (or whatever you fancy):-

Fresh berries

Granola or seeds

Coconut flakes

Goji berries

Cacao nibs

Bee pollen

A dash of honey

Lunch – Frittata and salad a great way to clear out your fridge or freezer of any spare veg! We love having tomatoes, asparagus, spinach, onions and peas in ours!

Dinner – Thai green chicken curry and cauliflower rice (serves 1)

I absolutely love this curry, it is super easy and you can cram it full with all your favourite veg! I use courgette, sugar snap peas, baby corns, red peppers and spinach. First stage is to prep – dice up a chicken breast (i like to cut the chicken into long strips), chop up your courgette and red pepper. Next, heat up some coconut oil in a pan and chuck in everything apart from the spinach. Whilst the veg cooks and the chicken browns off, cut up a cauliflower and whiz it in the food processor. Once you’ve done this, add your favourite Thai green curry paste to the pan along with 1/2 can of coconut milk. Leave to simmer for approx 10mins or until the chicken is cooked through. Whilst the curry is simmering away, heat up a frying pan with some coconut oil and add the cauliflower. Stir fry for around 4-5 minutes, season and you are ready to go! delicious!